When you write, you write a copy, even if you dont copy the copy you write. If you copyright the copy you write, no one else can copy your copyrighted copy you wrote. If they did, they would not copy right, even if they copied right the write. Right? And if you write good and copy right, you might not write right or even copyright. And even if you copyright, it might not be right good copy. If you write religious services, you write rite. You may copyright the copy of rite that you write, provided you can copy right. Conservatives are right, and they write right copy, and can copyright the right copy they write. So a right cleric might write right rite, and if he can copy right, and copy good, he can copyright the right rite he wrote, if he wrote his right rite right. The right rite writers editor has to rewrite the right rite until it is right. He also has the job of making right right rite in a good copy before the copyright so it will be right. Then it would be good copy copyright. If Thom Wright should decide to write, then Wright might write right rite, which Wright has a right to copyright. Copying that rite would copy Wright's right rite, and thus violate copyright, so Wright would have the legal right to right the wrong. Right? Legals write writs to right wrongs, which is a right. They can right writs to right wrong copies of bad copies of copyrighted right rite. These writs written by legals are legal by right. Advertisers have the right to copyright the copy they write for the copy writers company, but the writer cannot copy right the right good copy he writes. The right copyrighted copy is copyrighted as written, right? Wrongly or wrongfully copying a right writ, a right rite or copy is not right. Wrights right right writ of rite should be copied right by Wright as a right copyrighted copy. All Wrights right right rites that he rights shall be written right, and if not right, shall be righted, by either the writer, the righter, or the riter. If a right rite writer named Wright rights a wrong right rite does it become a right right rite righted rightly by a right rite writer named Wright? Wright has a right to write and right right right rites and writs legaly by legals, if he copies good and copies right the copyright. If a right rite writer rights a wrong right rite written by Wright does it become Wrights right right rite righted rightly by a right rite writer? Or am I writing to many rights, rites, wrights, Wrights, and Wrights to write right?

2001 Up And Running, Incorporated