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Some '411' on Me, Myself, and Greg


I just opened this page.... give me a break. I'l get it all up eventually.
Name:  Gregroy Scott Lewis
DOB:  July 1, 1983
POB: Orange, CA, USA
Height:  5' 11"
Weight:  (well, on the DL it says 116, but that's Sept '00) so ~125lbs
Eyes:  Two... errrr.... Blue
Hair:  Blond, what's left of it.
Mailing Address:  Riiiiiight, like I'd put that up here. E-mail me for it.
e-Mail Address:  (not one I check all the time, but to avaoid SPAM to my main one, I'll put this up here.)
Hobbies:  Well, I'm still very involved in the Boy Scouts through the Order of the Arrow, and much of my time is spent with one or the other. I am a brother in the Sigma Chi Fraternity (the Iota Alpha chapter, if you care). Oh, yeah, school...I go to Cal State University, at San Bernardino; major in Geography, minor in English. I also like to read, especially classics (slogging through Joyce's Ulysses right now) and more especially 17th-century Russian litterature.


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