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A Web page dedicated to our Union and It's happenings, as well as our Leaders and Their doings.

Duke Gregory Scott Lewis I, of Endor, was born on July 1st, A.D. 1983 in the city of Orange, California. After growing up (or at least growing larger), he became an unwitting member of a communist takeover of the planet of Endor. After visiting the havoc and destruction the government was leveling on their people, he knew that he had to do something.

Gathering a few loyal followers, he armed the natives of Endor, the Ewoks, and staged a revolution. Smashing the former government, he restored peace on the planet. The Ewoks so admired Gregory that they demanded to make him their king, but he declined. A friend suggested that he accept the title of "Duke of Endor," and he did.

A few months after the successful revolution, he and his army invaded several neighboring systems and areas, adding to his empire. But, being a fair man, Gregory established a republic, that all peoples of his Duchy may live in comfort as well as peace.

His Highness...

Duke Gregory Lewis, the First Citizen, Royal Duke of the Lewisian Dynasty, Overlord of Endor, Ruler of the Ewok Peoples, commander of his high fleet of Space Warfare; He who makes the strong tremble, the rich give up their fortunes, and the mighty relinquish and abdicate their thrones and palaces at the very sound of His name; Courageous leader and General/Admiral at the battles of Tain-tan, Orrsam, and the First and Second Battles of Gimmel; He that set the citizens of Endor free, and became their "First Citizen, above all other citizens"; He that conquered Betelgeuse, Canis Major, Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Jupiter and Cape Town; has commanded that this site be created in honor of him and his accomplishments, and the accomplishments of others for which he so desires.

And so it shall be done.