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STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I mean, things can't get that much stupider. Things that look like theya re flags...but aren't. Like Tommy Hillfiger shirts, and Gap shirts, and stickers, and ribbons, and pins, and especially flags. Flags with only 8 stars, or flags with 7 stripes, or flags with friggin pictures on them. I mean, I understand that you have pride in being an American Indian, or are a pacifist and want peace...but for God's sake, people died for that piece of cloth and what it represents; and I will fight you to the death before you make a mockery of what they and I believe in!

Girl/Guy Rules
What's up with this? The idea that certain things have to be done between people? Or that certain things cannot be allowed to happen, because of some otherwise-insignificant fact? Like, one I learned from an unnamed female source, "Do not sleep with a guy if he owns any music by 'Yanni.'" Well, I immediately take offence to that, because I like Yanni. And is there something wrong? It is great music (to fal asleep to.)
     Or that guys are always thinking about sex. Well, ok, so we think about sex a lot (I do), but not all the time. I am perfectly content with having female friends, in which the possibility of us 'hooking up' is zero. Maybe it's just me though. sheesh.

My Facial Hair
Damn it people! Just leave it be!

Gays and Girls in the Boy Scouts

Just Plain Being Nice


Religions: Tolerance and Acceptance


i-Speak and other 'cute' abbrev.

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