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I guess this is going to be an OLJ of some sort...

May 7 (For real)
Yeah, I got my Norman Shield back today. It was being...watched over. Yeah, and I ate 'bad' bread today. The date is "APR 26" but it looks/smells/feels/tastes good, so I still ate it. mmmmmm....Peanut Butter and Honey. Yeah, and Stacy is sick. awwwwww.... Yeah, and here I sit listening to my roommate play R.E.M. on his computer. Good thing I like them, alot.

May 7
     This is the entry for May 6, but my computer froze before it saved what I wrote.
     I am hoarse. That's what I get for having SNAKE (POWER) spirit at the conclave. I didn't get elected Section Secretary, and neither did Mike Gollner. Double Bummer. But I think I'll be helping out with the NOAC Camp Promo stuff.
     I don't think that there is a person, place, or thing (except God) that means or will mean more to me than the BSA. It has given me so much, and it keeps on giving. And I hope you people who read this accept it, because you aren't going to be able to change it.
     Yeah, and the pictures on my wall are crooked. Great.

May 3 (morning)
     Well, I'd think that I feel better. I dunno. Thursday was just a plain out good day. Like, admitedly, I had 23 minutes to get ready and drive to Riverside from her (In my dorm at CSUSB) and then all I had to do was pass off two sheets of paper. So I ended up taking a friend back to his house because he didn't want to wait for his dad. Oh, that friend is "Kyle" and he bought the Relient K CD "The anatomy of the tongue and cheek" which I highly recomend. Yeah, and I went home to MoVal after, just becaue it was fairly close. I picked up stuff for the Conclave this weekend (SNAKEPOWER!) and yeah.
     So, I guess Thursday was good because it gave me an immediate emergency task (oh, and I had to type chaper reports ASAP once I got back to my dorm) and I got to do some relaxing driving, chilling to the mix of DC Talk, Weird Al Yankovic, Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald. I also managed to realize that I need that I really want to keep going out with Stacy, though I don't see her much. Oh, and our (Sigma Chi) Lip Sync is friggin awesome.

May 1 (Part II)
     If you ever read Orwell's 1984 you may remember that Winton's girlfriend (I forget her name at the moment) says that "If you keep all the small rules, you can break all the big ones." Goodness, Orwell was intelligent.
     So a good friend of mine (let's say their name is Joleen) told me that she has been going to therapy. Now, I really don't understand therapy: you go talk to someone about your problems. You mean to tell me that that isn't a part of your normal life?...well, I suppose I shouldn't talk to much; that's the ubermench showing through. I tried to supress him, I tried to get rid of him, I tried to act as if he didn't exist. But still he lives, he breathes, and he takes over my life.
     Why can't I just be plain-old nice Greg? Just an average guy? Why must there be Ubermench living in me? I CAST THEE OUT! ::crosses fingers:: Here's to hoping...

      Goodness, It's May Day. Brings back old memories...like when I was a socialist. After all, May Day was originaly an international strike day. How interesting; that everyone would decide to stop doing everything for just one day. And wow, life is sure interesting...I'd say that the trip to Davis and back learned me more than actually being at Davis. Goodness, spending 14 hours in a car with someone tends to do that, I guess. Too bad I didn't learn that before i got to 91MPH... afterall, the trip after that wasn't all that bad. It sure wasn't too long. Why was I in such a hurry? Reminds me of a song:
     "I'm in a hurry to get things done
     Oh I, rush and rush until life's no fun
     All i really got to do is live and die
     But I'm in a hurry and dont' know why."
     Too bad I'm not in a hurry more often.

God knows how long I'll do this (the journal.) Maybe not long. Maybe it can eb considered therapy. Or maybe I'm just lazy, and this is my way of telling you peeps (ps. i hate that word) all at the same timeto save me trouble. Of course, this doesn't exempt you from actually talking to me...