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or, "Why I don't like metric rulers"

You see, since I went to Indiana, my life has been off by three-quarters of an inch. Its like the rest of the country switched to metric overnight, without telling me. First: my backpack strap caught on a piece of metal (in the plane) that was only " long. Then, when we got to our rooms for NOAC, Brians (my roommate) bag was " too big to fit through the closet door. Thirdly, it was dang hot. So I took the mattress of the bed and put it on the floor, only to find that the distance between the desk and dresser was you guessed it3/4" too narrow for the mattress to fit between them. I have been playing basketball with paper wads and the wastebasket, always missing by about ". This is getting damn annoying. But it seems to be getting both better and worse at the same time.

I was on a bike ride at scout camp, and was in charge of it. The kid in front of me got a flat tire, so he rode my bike and I pushed his until we caught up with the other staff member, who had the spare parts, including extra inner tubes. And it wassurprise! Only half and inch too big for the kids bike. So I got to push it the rest of the trip, approximately another two miles. What joy. I cant wait to see what miscalculations tomorrow will bring.

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