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All the Scout stuff I could possibly put up here... in the time this page has existed.

...which is about five minutes.

Scouts' Own Bulletin

This link is to the 2003 W4B Scouts' Own bulletin. It is what was given to each of the participants in the service. It is Interfaith, meaning many faiths, as opposed to Non-denominational, usually meaning Christianity in general. Many, many people have asked me for this service; and after a slightly shortened version was used at the Cahuilla Lodge 2003 Fall Fellowship, coppies were requested then. E-mail me for comments/questions.

Scouts' Own Text

This is ALL of the text of the service. In the bulletin, only the responsive parts are included; here, all the text is included. It is intended for those who have parts in the service. If you want, you could just download this one and make your own bulletin.

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