The Republic Of Endor
Goodspeed and Mason


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From one of my, if not my most, favorite movies, The Rock

Goodspeed: [Singing]: Id take pleasure in guttin youboyIll take pleasure in guttin youboy.
What is wrong with these people, huh, Mason? Dont you think theres a lot of anger floating around this island, kind of a pubescent volatility, dont you think? A lot of angst, a lot of: Im sixteen, Im angry at my father syndrome? I mean, grow up! Were on an island with a bunch of violence-for-pleasure seeking psychopathic Marines: SHAME ON THEM! [coughs]
Anyway, I only got one camera [rocket] and theres two leftMason?

Mason: Yes, Im here.
I was just thinking how wonderful it was when the inmates werent allowed to talk in here.

Goodspeed: Not allowed to talkhowd you do it?

Mason: Nurtured the hope that there was hopethat some day I would breathe free air, perhaps meet my daughter. Modest hopes, but, uh, they kept a man alive.

Goodspeed: Whatd they put you away for, John?

Mason: Oh, thats a long story.

Goodspeed: Well, Im not going anywhere.

Goodspeed: Why didnt you just tell them where the microfilm was and create a solution?

Mason: The moment they had the microfilm, theyd suicide mesome solution.

Goodspeed: It would appear.
Which brings me to another question: When you broke out, let me see if I can get this straight: You went down the incinerator chute, on the mining line, through the tunnels to the power plant, under the steam enginethat was cool, by the wayand into the cistern through the intake pipe, buthow, in the name of Zeus BUTTHOLE, did you ever get out of your cell? I only ask because in our current situation, well it, could, prove to be useful information MAYBE! [His door opens]

Mason: Trade secrets, my son.