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This is a story my former co-worker Matt and I came up with. I'm very slowly putting it into words. This part doesn't come right after the last one I posted, and it kind of cuts off in the middle of the scene. Please e-Mail me with your thoughts.

            Terna Beth looks very confused, as her slightly disjointed conversation has gone on for quite some time now. She sits at a round table, with six officers sitting facing her.

            "I don't understand what you want form me," she blurts, almost crying.

            "information," says the officer in the center. "That's all."

            "But who are you?"

            "It does not matter may name."

            "Aren't you an officer?"

            "Yes, I'm Not." He points at his name, which is embroidered "Not" on his uniform.

            "You're not," Terna gasps, quite startled.

            "No, no. I'm an officer; I'm Not."

            "That's what I said."

            "You asked my name.:

            "I said not," she exclaimed.

            "Ah-ha! So you admit it" he counter-exclaimed, leaning pointedly forwards across the table.

            "I do not!"

            "Ah-ha again! 'Cuff her Sarge."

            "The sergeant begins to rise, and only now does the audience (you) realize that they're all sitting at a very short table with miniature chairs. Occam's Razor would tell you that they are at a place for very short people, which is right: Terna Beth is a kindergarten teacher.

            "Stop, she screams. "Who are you?"

            "I Is," says the now standingand toweringsergeant.

            "You mean, 'You are,'" she corrects.

            "No, he replies, pointing at his name, "I Is. He Are," he points to his right.

            "I Are," repeats that man.

            "You mean, 'I Am,'" she says, again correcting.

            "No," speaks a fourth officer, "I Am."

            Terna shakes her head. "Wait-wait-wait. Let me get this straight." She begins pointing at each officer in turn. "Out of all of you officers..." She pauses to take a deep breath, "You're Not. You Is. You Are. And you Am...Did I get that right?"

            "Not looks at the other officers, then says "Yep."

            She rolls her eyes. "Great. A comedy routine is out in the force." She turns to the other two yet unnamed officers. "You tow must be Abbot and Costello."

            They look at each other and then at her nervously. The one on the left says, "Well, actually..." He wrings his hands. "I Should Have Been, and he Could Have Been." They both point at their name tags.

            "Oh bother," says Terna Beth before sliding off her chair due to unconsciousness.

            "Wow," says Am. "Shy gal."


            Matt and Greg walk into a room that looks, well, exactly the same, and for good reason: it is the same room. Not had carried Terna Beth to the school nurse's office. He then told the nurse (and the principal) that it was for health reasons, and that he would watch over the kids during recess. In reality, he didn't care about her fainting spell; he just wanted her out of the way so he could get information out of that one kid.

            The room was filled with officers, many more than previously. It seemed that most of the Laketown police had turned up. Matt and Greg looked at each other with expressionless eyes, though you couldn't tell it through their expressionless sunglasses.

            "OK, gentlemen," Greg began, raising his hands for quiet. Most of the officers turned to look; Jimmy had to be prodded by AM just to get him to turn his attention from the fish tank. "Fellow officers, today we prove ourselves men; prove ourselves heroes. We are up against possibly the most dangerous mind this town, nay, this county, has ever encountered. All due caution is to be used. From here, we go back to the cars, and proceed with the mission." Greg's voice dropped a bit. "In fact, I don't really know why you are all here..." He raised his voice again. "I will not have you fall victim to this, this madman as others have." He pauses for a very dramatic moment. "Now. The decision is up to you." He raises his ring up in the air. "The power is yours!"

            The officers stood stock still. They slowly parted to reveal a little boy standing in an open doorway, a look of fear pasted on his face. He suddenly turned and ran. With everyone still staring Matt had to scream out "Get him! NOW!" All the officers made a mad dash to the door, but slowed as they funneled though.

            The officers finally swarm though the door, looking around, (squirt) guns drawn, looking like a bunch of Secret Service agents in a "B" movie. One pointed suddenly, at the small figure jumping on one of the many kindergarten tricycles, and then he pedaled away like mad. The officers run to that spot, and after a moment's hesitation, they too climbed onto the tricycles and pedaled away after him.