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The Dining Hall and Big Top "Spiel"

Let it be known that I give this speach upwards of 20 times a day when new troops arrive. ALL of it. And more. And then they forget anyway.

Number one: The sign. Everyone look at the sign. Now everyone stop looking at the sign. This electronic sign is up here so that we-the staff-don't have to interrupt your meals anymore than we already do. Messages will be posted here, including activity and meal times, information on merit badges, and other stuff you need to know. Look at it at every meal, especially Senior Patrol Leaders.

Speaking of dinner, tonight it is __________, and the time is 5:30 to 6:30. Oh, breakfast is 8:00 to 8:45, and lunch is 12:30 to 1:30. The meal times are said like that because we have what we call "Open Dining," which works like this: we have about 500 scouts here this week, plus staff. Not all of those people fit under the dining hall, so we have this system where you show up anytime in that meal hour and we will feed you. ANYtime. So don't all come at once; we can't seat you all then. So when you do show up, you can line up on wither side of the commissary, behind the yellow lines, Go in the door labeled "Entrance," out the "exit," and down these aisles. DO NOT go under, around, through this STOP sign at all. If you go under, and someone walks by, you both drop your food, we point and laugh, and you go hungry.

Also this aisle next to this sign is not an aisle. Don't go through it. This sign, by the way, is the "Meal Tag" board. SPL's, come up here. Now find the meal tag with your troop number on it, and put it in this box. OK: that is what you will do every meal after your troop gets food. EVERY MEAL! This lets the kitchen know how many people have eaten, and so they can call seconds. If you don't take down your tag, we don't call seconds; so you don't get any, I don't get any, and we save food for you because we think you haven't eaten yet. After the SPL (ONLY) takes down the Meal Tag, go to the Salad bars, which have... Salad! And silverware. Silverware is at the salad bars. The salad bars have silverware. Where is the silverware?... at the salad bars. Water and punch are there ::point at all waters and punch's:: Make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER. It' is easy to get dehydrated.

When you are done eating, leave, and make room for the next troop. Get up, and take your plate, bowl, cup, silverware, trash, &c. over there. When you get up, please pick up your chair, or it makes a lot of noise. So pick your chair up, push it back in, and go there. Put your silverware in the tubs, forks in the one marked "forks," spoons in "spoons," and knives in "knives." DO NOT throw it away! Then dump your leftovers and napkins in the trash, and put your plates and bowls and cups on the racks.

When you have set-up, please arrive 20 minutes early. You will help with chairs, napkins, salt and pepper, milk, syrup, whatever. When you have clean up, please be here 10 minutes before the meal ends. You will help with trash, salt and pepper, wiping the tables, putting up the chairs, and sweeping. If there are two troops for the same meal, contact the other troop, and maybe you can split set-up/ clean-up.

Now for some real short, quick stuff:

Up at that end of the Dining Hall is Monson Manor: AKA: The Potty. The right side is for adults and staff only; the left side is for women only. But please, use the sink that is up there to cleanse yourself. The coffee and tea here is for adults and staff only-you guys get to drink hot chocolate that we put here.

For you ladies: I stock and clean the bathroom. Though I am not superman, I do try to keep it nice. Tell me if it isn't. Everybody: use the trails, and don't cut them. Do not eat at the creek. Do not eat on the rocks. Do not eat on that back wall. If you get here and there is nowhere to sit, come back later. That is the purpose of open dining. And if you do come later, try to come in Line "A," because seconds are served through Line "B." This, as you can tell, is a Circus Tent, held up by these ropes. Don't play with them. This is my domain; the land of tables, shade, and ice cold water jugs. You are welcome at anytime, but if I need to clean it, or teach a merit badge (I also teach Communications), then you need to move or be quiet.